Former WPXI (11) anchor Darieth Chisolm has developed a website and an advocacy organization called 50 Shades of Silence after recently experiencing cyber harassment by an ex-boyfriend. Chisolm told the Post-Gazette that this situation emboldened her. “It gave me the courage to stand up and fight… it occurred to me, I have a voice, I have a platform and I can make a difference in other people’s lives.” These days Chisolm is a businesswoman, author, public speaker, and life coach. In addition to the website, she is assembling a team to shoot a documentary on the topic and expects to have it finished by this time next year.

Pittsburgh Penguins announcer Mike Lange will be cutting back on his schedule this season. The 69-year-old Lange announced Thursday that he would only be going to about 15 of the teams 41 away games while still announcing for all of the teams 41 home games. Lange will still be present for all of the playoff games the team may play. Lange told the Post-Gazette that he’s not ready to rule out announcing for an entire season again, which leads one to believe that after two Stanley Cup winning seasons for the Penguins is merely exhausted. Josh Getzoff will fill in for Lange at the majority of away games. Getzoff was hired by the Penguins in 2015 is a radio host and PensTV reporter.