We at PBRTV.com are deeply saddened by the news of former Erie radio personality Chris Tarbell passing away. While I did not have a chance to work with Chris in radio, I know his passion for the business was very sincere as it was working & living in Lynchburg, Virginia. Another passion he had was for Dachshunds or “Weiner Dogs” as he spoke with my wife about health concerns he had for his older Doxie and if he should be put under for a risky surgical procedure. Fortunately, his dog survived the procedure but you could tell he was very worried about he special pup. Sadly he had a massive heart attack this past Sunday and it was just too much for him to overcome. You can read and share your thoughts and condolences over at Chris Tarbell’s Facebook page or at the “We Rocked Erie in the 20th Century” page also on Facebook. He also had a website in tribute of some great Erie radio stations. It’s at http://erieradio.tripod.com. May you rest in peace, Chris.