TreeOkay, so it may only be the December ratings, but WWSW (94.5) – one of two Christmas stations in town – doesn’t appear to be reaping the benefits of the temporary switch. WWSW appears to be fourth in this month’s readings tied with 3rd place KDKA-AM (1020). WRRK (96.9), which had an after-Christmas surge last year, is in second place behind first place WDVE (102.5). WSHH (99.7) – the other Christmas station in town – doesn’t subscribe to Nielsen and is therefore not publicly reported. There is usually a “Holiday” book, and that may be the one WWSW is hoping will bring a nice present.

Country wars appear to be non-existent. Froggy not withstanding, WDSY (107.9) is in 9th place out of the reported stations. WPGB (104.7), the relative newcomer to Country, is in 11th with pretty even numbers. The former is in the middle of a 12 day Country Christmas run and now operates without a morning team.

6 thoughts on “Christmas music not working for WWSW?

  1. Is it any wonder? There are hundreds of beautifully executed Christmas-related pieces of music out there, but these two “Christmas stations” continue to play the same songs, over and over – ad nasuem. Even Rudolph is tired of hearing his history every 10 minutes. .

  2. The “December” book covers Nov. 3-30, so that covers almost two weeks of 3WS normal format. The “holiday” book measures Dec. 1-28, so that will include the Christmas format for all but three days.

  3. I very much agree with this. It seems every time I turn on WWSW I hear Mariah telling me how much she wants me for Christmas. The repetition on both stations in insane. I would be happy if they threw in a instrumental piece once in a while to break it up

  4. This station plays the same twenty songs day after day! Its enough to drive you nuts and NOT put you into the Holiday Spirit. I quickly turn to other channels after a while.

  5. A long-ago stint in retail left me with a lifelong aversion to Christmas music. I suspect many people share it. I can only listen to it during the actual week of Christmas. BOB-FM becomes my lifeline during the rest of the season.

    You try listening to Christmas in Killarney or I’ll Be Home With Bells On on a 90 minute loop, repeating over and over throughout a 70 hour work week. Does not mean I don’t appreciate Christmas.

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