With everyone tightening their belts due to the rough shape of the economy these days, the nation’s second largest electronics retailer has become victim of of the economic downturn. After not being able to find a potential buyer last week, Circuit City has decided to go out of business. They are now running “going out of business” ads stating that their items are now up to 30% off, I’d expect that percentage to go even higher in order to attract more customers. Circuit City has made an effort to be competitive with the nation’s largest electronics retailer Best Buy, but simply could not gain the momentum they have in the marketplace. Of course the closing of Circuit City will add more people to the status of unemployed, which is becoming a much too common scenerio these days. Will the closing of Circuit City bring more people into their stores in order to purchase big ticket items at a more reasonable price. Will you be one of those people looking for a great deal on an HDTV or a laptop computer. Feel free to share your thoughts here.