If you’re a Comcast customer in Ross Township (North Hills) or Castle Shannon (South Hills) you’ll have to wait a little bit before you get the HD channels and channel switches that everyone else experienced in July. The changes were supposed to take place Tuesday, August 19, but have had to be delayed.

Comcast offered an introductory low price to customers who upgraded – an offer which doesn’t expire until the end of August. The same offer will be made to the two communities in waiting, but the cable giant wants to make sure there are enough cable boxes to go around. “Customer reaction was unbelievable, Comcast spokeswoman Jody Doherty told the Post-Gazette, “Customer demand was stronger than our most aggressive projections.”

Comcast is the area’s cable leader having purchased AT&T Broadband (nee TCI) who had slowly aquired the area’s community cable companies throughout the 80s and 90s.