Low-power local TV station WBGN has been dumped from Comcast Cable systems around the city. There is no law that a low-power TV station is a “must carry” and is instead foreced to pay the cable system for carriage. WBGN can be picked up over the air on Channel 59 in Pittsburgh and various other channels throughout the region.

The Post-Gazette says, the cable system was forced to remove the channel “following numerous contractual and financial violations.” The statement issued by Comcast went on to say that WBGN has been out of compliance for the past year. Comcast will continue to air the Mass from St. Mary of Mercy in Pittsburgh at the same time and on the same channel on which WBGN was carried. Station owner Ron Bruno told the PG that the station has been behind in payments. “We are making payments, it just isn’t the full amount,” Bruno said, “We’re going to pay everything we owe them and we’re still willing to pay.”

This isn’t the first time the station has been dumped by the cable giant. The most recent event was November 2006 when Comcast took over Adelphia’s systems.