The 3rd annual “Community for Kanzius” telethon will air on Thursday September 16th on all 3 Lilly Broadcasting stations live from the Millcreek Mall’s main stage. This will be done if there is not too much wind for the live truck according to Scott Bremner. The CW WBEP 3 will air the entire telethon from 5-8pm while WICW 12 & WSEE 35 will air telethon updates during regular programming & join The CW from 7-8pm. You can find WBEP on channel 3 on most cable systems & on Dish Network. Over the air, the station is on 12-2 and 35-2 (DT 12 & 16 respectively.) All proceeds will benefit the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation. (Note: The telethon was carried on all 3 Lilly stations and raised over $180,000. Accepting donations at the Mall helped as well since this was the first of hopefully many years there until this becomes the official cure for cancer.)