A devastating blow to the Conneaut Lake & Meadville region yesterday when it was announced that Conneaut Lake Park will not open this summer. The closing cancels every scheduled public & private event for the park, including the annual “Doo Wop Weekend” event. The Rock & Roll sounds of “Doo Wop Weekend” has been a major event for the park on both Memorial Day & Labor Day weekends for several years. The “Doo Wop Diner” on WMVL “Cool 101.7” (every other Saturday from 10am – 1pm) has certainly made this event well known in the region every year. If anyone from the “diner” would like to comment, please leave a response here or email me at Laveryman@hotmail.com. I must say that I was impressed with Y-103 in Youngstown for mentioning the park & to donate to their token drive. On a personal note, to see what was once a great park fall under hard financial times is very sad. I took many field trips there before summer vacation & it was something I will always remember. Unfortunately, my daughter may not be able to experience Conneaut Lake Park like I once did all those years ago.