In our technical difficulties section we lead off with Corry station WHYP “Cool 1370” simulcasting sister station Meadville’s WMVL “Cool 101.7” since Friday. The problem is equipment failure at 1370 that needs to be looked at according to station owner Joe Vilkie. The problem should be corrected this week with Cool 1370 back to programming aimed at the Corry area. Meanwhile, stormy weather has temporarily taken WLEP (DT 43) off the air according to station owner Kevin Bae. He is working to get power restored but may have to drive from home in Chicago to do it since the station is a one man operation, namely Kevin Bae. Update: WLEP is back on as station owner Kevin Bae has made upgrades so that the station will stay on regardless of the weather. I must recognize someone who is hands on with his station. Let’s hope it gets on cable & satellite soon.