For the past few months, WQLN TV 54 has offered a cable only channel called “Q-Life” which carried various how-to programming as well as some news and kids programs. Most of the operations for Q-Life are being handled by PPTN (Pennsylvania Public Television Network) down in Hershey, Pa. Unfortunately, PPTN will cease to exist for any public TV station across the state on May 1st due to drastic cuts in Governor Ed Rendell’s budget. Q-Life will no longer exist on May 1st but will be replaced by “Create” which is a service provided to public TV stations across the country. Create carries various how-to programs 24 hours a day and will basically run itself once the network makes its debut in the Erie market. Create will not only be available on area cable systems, but will also be available off air on WQLN’s digital sub channel on 54-2. Those with digital TV sets or converter boxes will have to rescan for the new channel once May 1st comes around. Those who have Dish network will still need a converter box in order to watch Create since Dish currently does not carry any sub channels of any digital TV station.