Apr 08 2013


Oops! Road SignLast Thursday evening, the travelling communicator (AKA, the PBRTV computer) went haywire and did so in a major way! Unlike DCRTV Dave, PBRTV Eric doesn’t carry a spare and has been reduced to either using a smart phone or snagging a computer here and there long enough to post an update.

Be that as it may, one fully expects to be back up at “reduced power” (meaning we will be focusing on retreiving files and what not while putting together a new machine) by mid-week. We apologize for the inconvenience and we leave you now with this little ditty in light of today’s loss in the entertainment industry. Please stand by…

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  1. Terry Neary

    Very late in commenting…somewhere Larry O’Brien and John Garry are shedding a collective tear…

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