Last night I received an email from my nearly lifelong friend, Joe.


As one of the more powerful bloggers on the subject (don’t let your head grow), I must express my extreme dissatisfaction with DirecTV this Steeler Sunday. At the end of the third quarter, the local channels were lost, including KDKA, to the horror of all steeler fans. two hours later, I got to watch the post game on KDKA, but the NFL game on Fox still wasn’t working.

As a DirecTV customer, I want to kill someone.

As a human being, however, I still want to dump DirecTV.


Well Joe, many feel your pain undoubtedly. Obviously this isn’t like a few weeks back when WPGH lost the audio signal during the game.

For what it’s worth, we here at the PBRTV World Headquarters (located not far from Joe) noticed that our DirecTV local channels were a little screwy over the weekend. Instead of showing the program which was airing on the TV Guide, it showed “To Be Announced” or something like “Upcoming: Jeopardy” throughout much of the weekend.

Perhaps DirecTV needs to learn more about Pittsburgh and Steeler games. Then again, they could have been saving you from watching the agony of defeat!