On a recent “Charlie Chat” broadcast on Dish Network, Dish CEO Charlie Ergen explained why the NFL Network is no longer available on their Top 100 package. He blames the NFL for allowing an NFL Network game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants to also air on CBS & NBC last season. He felt that this move to air the game on free TV was not fair to those who already pay for the NFL Network and voided their multi year agreement to keep the network available on the Top 100 package. Thus, the NFL Network is now only available to those who have their Top 200 and higher packages. Do you agree with this move? Also, who do you side with when it comes to the NFL vs. Cable battle. Several cable companies refuse to carry the NFL Network because they want it on a sports tier package while the NFL wants it on basic cable. Cable companies feel that the network on basic would increase costs for all subscribers, including those who do not want the network. Share your thoughts here.