Most of the time we see comments here about most radio stations being less about the personalities and more about profits. Who would have thought that a retired Cardiologist would shake things up on the radio dial. Dr. Tom Arno is just what the radio doctor ordered. You can hear Dr. Tom on Cool 101.7 (WMVL) in Meadville or online at Monday evenings and Tuesday – Friday afternoons. His mix of humor and insight brings something more than a typical card reader to the microphone. Dr. Tom also an unofficial meteorologist for the station. He does a lot of research on the always changing weather in this region and contributes forecasts to Cool. He is also a Weather Watcher for Jet TV. Recently, more listeners have become aware of Dr. Tom courtesy of the syndicated “D.C. and the Family” morning radio show. (Airs on Cool from 9am – Noon, tape delay 10am – Noon.) The show was recently picked up by Cool after it was dropped by crosstown rival WUZZ 94.3 / WUUZ 107.7. According to the Meadville Tribune, Tom sent an e-mail to the show welcoming them to the station’s lineup. Next thing he knows, he is asked by one of the show’s producers to be a weekly guest sharing his medical advice with a much broader audience of about 50 stations. (He airs on Fridays during the show.) Even bigger is a strong possibility that he could get his own syndicated medical radio show though the network D.C. is on. To say that Dr. Tom is taking radio by storm would be an understatement but is much needed on the airwaves.