All local TV stations should be airing in digital as of late Sunday Night. KDKA-TV (2; RF 25) and WTAE-TV (4; RF 51) kept their analog signals on with a “nightlight” message for 30 days following the official shut off on June 12.

By August 18, WQED-TV (13; RF 38) will be switching back to Digital 13 while sister station WQEX-TV (16; RF 26) will transfer to RF 38. RF 16 is being used by WBGN-TV (59).

Confused yet? Good…cause there’s more.

Several stations are applying to the FCC to build repeater signals to get their digital service to cover the areas the analog service once covered.

  • KDKA-TV (2; RF 25) would like RF 31 in Morgantown, West Virginia and RF 40 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It’s possible that 31 will extend into Forward Township while 40 will reach Irwin.
  • WTAE-TV (4; RF 51) is looking for two repeaters on RF 22 – both within Pittsburgh city limits. Both would be used to cover Allegheny County with one extending North to Butler and the other extending south to Monessen.
  • WPXI-TV (11; RF 48) applied for RF 21 in Derry Township, Westmoreland County; RF 23 in Uniontown and RF 30 in New Castle. RF 21 might cover Westmoreland while 23 could reach up into McKeesport.
  • WPCW (19; RF 11) is looking at RF 27 for Johnstown. (When WPCW was WNPA, it was licensed to Johnstown before moving to Jeannette in 1997.)

There are no plans to expand signals for WQED, WQEX, WPMY (22; RF 42), WPCB (40; RF 50), or WPGH (53; RF 43).

With all of these changes one still asks, “What was the advantage of digital TV again?”

Thanks to Patrick Cloonan for the tip.