For several months, TV stations across the country have been airing promos regarding the upcoming digital TV transition. It appears that the notification has worked to the point that the program (which offers two 40 dollar coupons per address for two converter boxes) is officially broke. The program is still taking orders but it’s hard to say if there will be additional money put back into the program. Some money has been put back with those who did not use their coupons within 90 days, otherwise it looks like Congress may need to look into a converter box bailout. The coupons are not required in order to purchase a converter box, it was a way to defray the cost of purchasing a box for digital over the air reception on your older existing analog TV. Hopefully some additional funding comes through, though it will probably be restricted to those who rely exclusively on OTA reception. Update: This recent news regarding the digital transition could cause it to be postponed. It appears that President Elect Obama will try to persuede Congress to pass a law in order to postpone the transition until June 1st. Are you for or against a postponement of the DTV transition. Feel free to share your comments here.