Nov 18 2016

Duffy out at KDKA

It’s the time of year when one celebrates the holidays. That also typically means that CBS Radio will celebrate by cutting the employee count across the country. In Pittsburgh this year, it was Shelley Duffy who was let go… according to various sources. Duffy has worked for several CBS stations – B94, (WBZZ 93.7) starting before the CBS ownership. Star 100.7 (when it was still WZPT) and KDKA where she’s co-hosted the Afternoon News with Robert Mangino since April 2015. Mangino was on vacation when the announcement was made.


  1. Sam

    Who will be the last DJ standing. Nov. 2, 2020 (KDKA 100 years) now less than four years away.

  2. deerejohn

    Well she still has her \”Treasure Hunt\” gig going for her, so….

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