Thomas Toliver Goldsmith, Jr. passed away at his home in Lacey, Washington on March 5. Among his many accomplishments, Goldsmith was the Director of Resarch at the Allen B. DuMont Laboratories from 1936-1966 and founder of Washington, D.C. station WTTG-TV (5) in 1945. The station was a DuMont Network-owned station (as was Pittsburgh’s WDTV-TV (3) – later KDKA-TV (2) ) and dubbed with Goldsmith’s initials. WTTG still exists today.

Goldsmith was 99 and is survived by his wife of 70 years, Helen, three children, six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.


PBRTV would like to acknowledge ‘Rich’ who sent us this information who states, “Sad to me that his death has gone completely under the radar of the national media, who owe a LOT to people like Dr. Goldsmith.”

UPDATE: WTTG picked the story up from PBRTV.