Mar 13 2017

Dunlap featured

Photographer John Altdorfer and writer Kate Benz did a great piece on former WSHH airstaffer, Dan Dunlap. Since Dunlap was let go at Wish in 2014, he has been voicing promos, spots and features for various clientele. Not bad for a “short, skinny guy from Baden” who also has a love for guitars. The story appears in Pittsburgh Quarterly Magazine.


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  1. Dan Dunlap

    Hey Eric. Thanks for sharing the article. I really appreciate it. Now put the gorilla suit back on…Banana Don is about to go “live!”

    Seriously, thank you!


    1. Eric

      Oh the gorilla suit! One of the more fun experiences!

  2. mark mervick

    because of the direction radio has gone over the last several years, people like
    Dunlap was ham-strung that he couldn’t let his gift shine…shame that we are
    subject to liners or voice tracked from Lawrence KS…..and it all boils down that the suits have
    not a clue or care about developing younger talent down the road. OK…off my soapbox.

  3. RIck

    Radio people don’t want to develop talent: They’d have to pay for that. They only want the human equivalent of trained monkeys who do what the suits want them to. Not to be critical or bitter.

  4. Joseph P.

    Fantastic article!

  5. RadioMike

    Dan, It\’s about time you get recognized for what you do and you\’ll always have my respect. Thank you for what you do for Phil and I as well.

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