WDUQ-FM (90.5) has cancelled an $5,300 underwriting agreement with Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania after complaints from Duquesne University’s administration that the group’s mission is not compatible with Catholic teaching.

According to the Post-Gazette, Planned Parenthood learned of the station’s decision on Thursday.

WDUQ, which carries National Public Radio’s signature talk programs along with its own jazz and public-affairs programs, is owned by the university and located in the Des Places Language Center on Duquesne’s Uptown campus.

Planned Parenthood provides advice on birth control and provides abortions up to 18 weeks. Catholic doctrine holds that both contraception and abortion are sins, and Duquesne is a Catholic university, operated under the auspices of the Holy Ghost fathers.

None of the messages pulled from ‘DUQ mention either birth control or abortion, according to the P-G.

The station, which began its fall pledge-drive campaign last week, is the only NPR affiliate in the mid-Atlantic states to refuse the donation from Planned Parenthood, said the president and chief executive officer of the local chapter, Kimberlee Evert.

“I don’t believe that donors realize that when they support public radio, they are actually donating to Duquesne University,” Evert told L.A. Johnson of the P-G. “Is WDUQ now going to screen every donor to find out whether they’re in compliance with Catholic doctrine?”