Hi Eric,
You have probably have gotten a ton of e-mails already if not yet you probably now about this. I was watching KDKA TV News This Morning and on the bottom of the screen the scroll said, CBS 2 HD will be going all digital on Feb. 2009. Will KDKA be called CBS 2 HD instead of KDKA TV News?

Eric’s Response: Nope…you’re the first…and only.

Again…I don’t know why people worry about this. I have not heard anything to the effect that KDKA will be known as “CBS 2” now or ever. Look at the weather ball at the transmitter tower on Perry Hilltop – it says “KDKA” on it. Look at the station’s on-screen bug, it has the CBS eye (cause they are a CBS O&O), a “2” and “KDKA”.

Even if such a change takes place, I’m sure it will still be KDKA. If it’s not on screen, Pittsburgh will still call it KDKA. If it switches callsigns back to WDTV…Pittsburgh will still call it KDKA! And while it will be airing on Channel 24 rather than Channel 2, it will most likely still be called “Channel 2.”