From Ed Weigle:

Folks: I was made aware of an intriguing effort to get a street in Homestead named after Porky Chedwick. With some luck, this can be realized. Certainly, if ever there was an individual who was more deserving and globally influential, from that part of town, it’s got to be Porky. For our generation, his influence is more identifiable than striking workers and overzealous Pinkerton guards, 100 years ago — God Bless ’em all, just the same! My friend, Nick Pantano, who hosts a blog focusing on Pittsburgh oldies (I actually learned about it here), sent the link along. If the moderator doesn’t mind, I’ll share it with you.

By the way — Several years ago, I wrote Mayor Murphy of Pittsburgh the same kind of proposal. I never received a response.

Let’s see if we can make this happen.

Be well!

Ed Weigle