Some updates regarding the DTV delay in the Erie region. Only one station has filed with the FCC to cease analog TV operations before yesterday’s filing deadline. WSEE will join WQLN in becoming digital only stations which means you’ll need a converter box or digital TV if you view either station over the air. According to the FCC update, WSEE will offer nightlight service for about a month informing viewers what they will need to do in order to watch WSEE’s digital station. Both WICU and WFXP will continue broadcasting in both analog and digital until June 12th. Meanwhile WJET hopes to cease analog broadcasting in April and convert to digital sometime that month according to WJET / WFXP GM Tim Dunst. He states that the weather may not be as harsh during that time. Jet and Fox will have to take both digital signals off the air as well as Jet’s analog signal in order to take down the old analog antenna and install a new digital antenna. It will take up to four days in order to convert the station to digital and flashcut to DT 24. Meanwhile, Fox 66 would temporarily feed their analog signal to cable companies and Dish Network since their analog signal is not on Jet’s tower like their digital is. It’s actually right next to WQLN’s tower just behind Jet’s facility on Peach street. Meanwhile, Jet would possibly only be available on Time Warner cable but not on any other cable outlet or Dish Network. No word yet if Jet will become a temporary sub channel on WFXP’s full powered signal since WJET DT 58 is currently at low power. The move would help with pulling in an SD version of the station in outlying areas without having to toggle between your analog TV tuner and converter box for just one channel. WICU currently does that on WSEE’s DT sub channel at 35-3 (16-3) since WICU DT itself is still at low power.