In just a matter of a few months, there will be a change in the way most Erie TV viewers who use only an antenna or use it in addition to their cable or satellite service will watch TV. As we all know by now, all full powered TV stations will be shutting off their analog signals on February 17th at 11:59:59. The digital age will change how TV is viewed from the local airwaves whether you have an HDTV set or a converter box for your existing TV. From what I have seen thus far from watching stations out of Youngstown and Pittsburgh, Erie viewers could be in for something special if local stations do their homework and simply ask what viewers want. The possibility of more choices (even for those who rely exclusively on an antenna) is something that most TV viewers would love. I could see WJET TV 24 adding a 24 hour weather channel with live radar you could access anytime you would like to. The region’s most powerful doppler should be available 24/7 for those who may not have a computer to access it online. Of course, there are other possible networks out there that are not available on the local airwaves. Until a few months ago, “The CW” was only available to those with cable or satellite. That changed when WSEE TV 35 (DT 16) added it’s CW affiliate “WBEP” to a second sub channel on 35-2. A third was added with WICU TV 12 on 35-3 in order to help with that station’s digital coverage area which is limited on 52-1. Will a “MyTV” affiliate be added to one of the other local stations sub channels? One network that just went away far too soon was the 24 hour music video channel called “The Tube.” I thought it was one with potential since they actually played videos unlike MTV, CMT and VH-1. Maybe a similar idea will come back once digital really gets going. Another network I can occasionally tune in from Pittsburgh’s WPXI TV (DT 48) is called “RTN” or the Retro Television Network. It has that feel of “TV Land” in it’s early days before adding more reality fluff like the “music” channels I just mentioned. You can find TV classics like “Petticoat Junction”, “Get Smart”, “Hawaii Five-0”, “Kojak”, “Magnum P.I.” and so on. The addition of “Retromercials” adds the authentic touch to this network. As an Erie TV viewer, what options would you like to see on the expanded airwaves, if any.