As we stated before, WICU DT 12 would be adding sub channels. They recently added the CW affiliate “WBEP” which is now on 12-2 as well as 35-3 on WSEE’s sub channels from DT 16. It would have been better if the station added something other than what’s already available. “My Network TV” or “This TV” would be a couple of options to choose from giving OTA viewers more choices. Speaking of choice, WLEP LP 9 has recently signed on and is currently showing a slate for “RTV” formerly “RTN” (Retro Television Network) which will be good news for those near the transmitter of the low powered translator that does not reach much of Erie county with its 0.1kw signal. However, Hapa Media Properties who owns the station also has a construction permit for a low powered digital translator for LD 43 (that will remap to 9-1) and 15kw which will cover most of Erie county according to the map on the FCC website.