Recently, my wife of 7+ years decided to get me a Panasonic Vierra 42″ HDTV for Christmas. Talk about a Great Gift! Of course, this meant that it was time to upgrade my Dish network programming to HD with their “Free HD for Life” promotion. I also received a free coupon in the mail for an HD upgrade instead of paying $100.00 to lease the receiver. It requires payments being taken out of my debit card or bank account. I have the VIP 222K receiver for two TVs’ (One HD & the other SD). I am not one that needs an DVR as part of my receiver though you can connect the receiver to your high speed internet service and watch various things on demand. One of my favorite parts is an optional over the air module tuner you can install into a few of the Dish receivers like the one I have. Well, living where I live this was a MUST! This feature allows OTA channels from other areas to be integrated into your Dish programming. You have to subscribe to the local channels for this to work with programming information, so I have the Erie channels I can either watch through Dish or OTA. I chose the Dish option for Erie stations so that I could use the OTA antenna side for channels from other areas. It is a way to finally be able to watch over the air and satellite channels without switching to watch WKBN in Youngstown for example. Plus, most Youngstown stations offer some syndicated programming in HD like “Jeopardy!” for example. Erie stations have yet to do this but hopefully they will in the near future.