Normally when I’m working at WKHB-AM/WKFB-AM (620/770) I’m there alone…and most of the time in the afternoons. But this week I was far from either. I had to fill in during the mornings and this morning, I was far from alone! That’s because it was the Farewell to Porky Chedwick on 770’s Morning Memory Show. I wasn’t quite prepared for the party which, for an office suite across from a dentist’s office, was packed to the gills!

Caveman Ralph hosted a dynamic show interviewing Porky, his wife Jeanie and several other guests including Henry Deluca. The discussions ranged from Porky’s days as a sports announcer right up to the two “Pork-stock” festivals held at Three Rivers Stadium several years ago. Join me for a look at a few pictures from the event.

Porky shares a story with Morning Memory Show Host, Caveman Ralph.

770 KFB Saturday host Suzie Q and Porky share a moment on the air.

Caveman Ralph interviews Porky.

“Pork the Tork” “The Daddio of the Raddio” “Your Platter-pushin papa!”

Dave Crawley and a camera man from KDKA-TV (2) show up to do a “You’re in KD Country” segment.

WTAE-TV (4) sent Ari Hait and a cameraman too!

Everyone enjoyed the delicious cake.

Porky and his wife Jeanie cut the cake.

UPDATE: We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Porky’s appearance on DJ George’s “Oldies Oasis” the Wednesday before the big day. Porky was given the opportunity to host the program as if it was back in the old days.

Porky on the air with DJ George Lambl and assistant Pat on Wednesday, July 16. (Photo Courtesy of DJ George)