Jun 03 2007

File under: “Wow! That takes me back!”

If you’ve ever wondered about old newscasts at local TV stations, just head to YouTube.com. There’s bound to be something there to jog the memory. For instance, this intro clip of WTAE-TV’s Action News from Christmas Day 1983. Note the familiar face once the newscast begins. (Incidentally, we know that this was the era when the music used for the WTAE newscast was Frank Gari’s “Hello News” Package. Many may remember “Hello Pittsburgh!” The announcer was none other than ABC announcer Ernie Anderson. Our second observation is that the graphics used in this news opening were used through another Gari music package – “Turn To News” with Rege Cordic as announcer.)

Or how about this clip from a WPXI newscast in 1986 with Mike Hambrick and Roxanne Stein? Or this one from 1989 with Hambrick and Edye Tarbox…

And what would an old newscast in Pittsburgh be without a ride through the Ft. Pitt Tunnels to KDKA-TV’s Eyewitness News?