I have been sharing my thoughts regarding losing my job at WQLN and that is coming to an end today (9/11/09). It’s not easy knowing that you are no longer needed to ran the controls at the station. Like so many other stations, WQLN TV is joining the automation revolution. Let’s hope that WQLN will be serving Erie for years to come but with the state funding issues, nothing is guaranteed. I wish everyone who is still with the station all of the best. I would like to close with a thank you to most of those whom I worked with past and present since October 17th, 1997. Dave McIntyre, Ed Upton, Dennis Spagnolo, Paul Stone, Paul Scarpino, Lori Trebik, Charissa Schwartz, Herb Sommers, Brady Louis, Pat Combine Simon, Tracy Ferrier, Aaron Coseo, Sally Baker, Brian Williams, Sue Allen, Gwen Campbell, Wally Faas, Mavis Sargent, Joe Digiorgio, Al Lebiejewski, Paul Brown, Bill Clarke, Tom McLaren, Adam Ladaika, Bill Garts, Aubrey Dillon, E. Douglas Pohl, Dwight Miller, Tom New, Skip Nygaard, Rob Hoff. If I missed anyone, my apologies to you. Of course you can refresh my memory by posting here.