Emails Addressed 

Our first email today comes from V.S. who writes, “Am I missing something, or have you gone more than two months without updating the mailbag? Every time I click on ‘current month’, the most recent entry is Feb. 9.”

Eric’s Response: No, you’re not missing anything. We haven’t had much call to post emails to the mailbag lately…especially since we’ve received so few. Plus, the aging computer at the PBRTV World Headquarters (not where this redesign has taken place) has given us so much trouble that it’s very frustrating to work with. Oh and then there is the fact that your editor has a job now which, although part-time, takes up a couple days per week.

Our second email comes from T.L. who similarly asks, “Hi Eric, I have noticed that the mailbag hasn’t been updated in quite a while. No mail or on the back burner? Hope all is well.”

Eric’s Response: Thank you for asking, all is indeed well. Just busy. And your hypotheses are correct – the mail hasn’t been coming in causing us to put the mailbag on the back burner. More in regard to that below.

Our third and final email comes from an anonymous writer who inquires about CPRTV. “Hi I would like to no (sic) why the site central PA (sic again) has not been updated for well over a year.”

Eric’s Response: Our correspondent for the CPRTV page, Ken Hawk, began a new life and job in 2006 taking him from the Central PA region to Butler County.  At first, he thought that he would be able to continue but apparently things have become busy enough that he is no longer able to work with us and that is ok. Again, a lot of things have fallen between the cracks and we intend to clean these issues up as we continue the PBRTV redesign.

More about our New Format

We ask that while you enjoy our new format to please be patient with us. Everyone involved is still learning the new method of making updates to the main page. We are also in the process of fixing up the information on the rest of our pages before transforming it to fit the new design. Therefore there will be a little time before the whole site looks “perfect.” Thank you for your patience.

A big thank you goes out to Jason Togyer who has spent a lot of time redesigning this site. His creativity came up with the new logo and banner for the top of the page. We hope that you find this new format appealing.

One more word about the mailbag. We have decided that, for the time being, the mailbag will be discontinued. Lately we have gotten so few emails that it was more work to post them than it was to quickly respond to them. Therefore, if a story warrants discussion, we will allow you to post your thoughts and comments on the story. Just follow the instructions below – they are enabled on this article. Stay tuned, we might be on to something with answering emails in a forum much like this article. Never fear though, the mailbag archive will remain online for your perusal.

Pledge Break

Sorry, I have to do this.

Over the years, we have had an Amazon donation button available on our front page. To my knowledge, nobody has clicked it since it’s been there.

Many of our favorite sites like our “parent” and Scott Fybush’s have asked their readers for a donation. Of course Fybush has been very successful with marketing a 12-month Tower Site calendar and DCRTV has managed to pull in some donations. In fact, DCRTV Dave recently made much of the website available to subscription-only leaving his main page and his mailbag the only part available to non-subscribers.

But we at PBRTV have taken a passive approach using the “honor system” (coincidentally the name of Amazon’s donation vehicle) in collecting donations. Why? Because we didn’t want to sound like PBS. Unfortunately I guess I will have to do so. So here goes…

Operating a website costs money. We having webhosting costs to pay, equipment to replace (remember that the PBRTV computer has become old and almost useless) and other little things like electricity. Your contribution will really help us out – we can’t do it without you. You may use our Amazon button by clicking on it on the main page. All we ask is $6 per month but you may donate anything from $1-50 at any one given time. Won’t you please help us? Thanks!

PS – While Amazon is our only donation vehicle at this time, we plan to add more options as time goes on.

Thank you for visiting the new we hope you like the changes and that you’ll “stay tuned” for more to come!

Wow! What a new format. What’s really great is that one can now publish information to the site from any computer he happens to be working on. We here at PBRTV hope that you are enjoying the changes so far and hope you will stay tuned for what’s yet to come! In the first edition of “Eric’ Musings” in this new format, we’re going to address some very recent emails, our new look and a topic nobody wants to hear about…but we ask that you do anyway.