Spots are running on Forever Broadcasting‘s six Johnstown-area stations promoting a new “shopping mall.”

But according to the Tribune-Democrat, the new “mall” is actually a shopping website that’s in the works … not a real shopping center.

That’s got some residents confused, including many who posted questions on the newspaper’s message board wondering if the new mall would include a Wal-Mart, and where it would be located.

Terry Dietz, vice president and general manager of Forever’s Johnstown cluster, told the newspaper that the website would be launched last Friday. We can’t find a URL yet, but we’ll post it when we do.

The Johnstown cluster includes “Froggy 95.5” WFGI-FM, “96 Key” WKYE-FM, “Rocky 99” WRKW-FM (99.1), “Hot 92” WJHT-FM (92.1) and news-talk WNTJ (850), as well as WNTW (990) in Somerset.