Former WBZZ-FM (93.7) morning news anchor Liz Randolph has found herself on hard times. Randolph, who may be best remembered for suing the station for a sexual harassment in the late 1980s, moved on to a career in the legal field and eventually moved east where she made a six-figure salary. She was downsized from that job in 2009 and, as she told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “thought she could weather the storm.” The paper has the rest of the story.

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1 thought on “Former Pittsburgh news woman on hard times

  1. I’m sure that now that she has had some public exposure, she will get the money she needs to get her daughter the education she wants and get herself a job and a place to stay..

    In the real world, when we cannot afford where we live or what we drive or what we want to do, we downsize.

    Going to Penn State – at this point and juncture isn’t a good idea for either of them.

    The mother cannot afford it and it doesn’t seem as if the daughter is willing to work, or else she could have worked the last two years and saved the money for the first couple of semesters.

    Is this a ploy to tug on the heart strings of the public?

    Are we trying to make dad out as a dead beat dad – when in fact many fathers would love to be a part of their childrens lives, but the mother – who wants to run the show, only wants money out of them and tells the children that they are nothing more then the sperm donor.

    Maybe this is a indication of how these people lived their livess – and maybe it is time to say NO – we will not help you. You made your choices and now you have to live with the consequences…

    There are plenty of meth heads out along the Bldv with their signs and their tin cups, begging for money for food and work.. Just look along RT 28 in the afternoon.

    You never see them at 5 – 7 AM in the morning when the meth lab just made a new batch or the methadone clinic is taking walk ins.
    No one wants to work – first thing in the morning, but wait until 5 PM – after a person has put in a hard day of work, and it is easy to beg some money off of them.

    Lot’s of people in the Pittsburgh area goes to church!

    Why wait until hard times to decide if all else fails – I will go to church, put a couple of dollars in the plate and hope that god will pay dividends..

    I can’t feel sorry for a person that made more money in one year then what I made in my entire life.
    She lived the good life and now she has to start out at the bottom again!

    Why didn’t she take the settlement money and invest it in a way that she could have used it for something to fall back on, And, why didn’t she move to a cheaper town when it got to expensive to stay where she was living instead of trying to stay and go deeper in the hole.

    Most times it is because the kids are running the house and the parents don’t like to tell their kids NO!

    I bet her daughter still has a cell phone!

    Cell phones and animals is what really burns me up when it comes to people on public assistance..
    They don’t have enough money to take care of themselves, but they have enough money to feed a pet or pay for a phone….

    The bottom line is – she should have gotten married and then she wouldn’t be facing these things alone.

    What are we teaching the youth – that it is ok to be self sufficient, and you don’t need a man and you don’t need a dad! This goes against the moral fiber of everything that I was taught when I was being raised!

    Wake up America and smell the coffee…

    This is what it is all boiling down to – MONEY!

    I want help!

    I don’t want to change !

    All I want is money!

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