Time Warner cable customers in Erie county with digital service will get the Super Bowl and all of Fox’s programming in High Definition. Fox 66 (WFXP) in Erie is currently running it’s HD channel on low power, but the station will feed it’s HD channel to Time Warner Cable for it’s customers in Erie county. The station will air on channel 507 in both the City of Erie and City of Corry while the rest of Erie County (excluding Coaxial Cable customers in both Edinboro and Cambridge Springs) will get the channel on 706. This may also include other parts of the Corry area. Time Warner is also feeding Fox 66 to Armstrong Cable for Crawford County residents. If you are not a cable customer like myself, you may want to try pulling in Fox 66-1 (Which is actually channel 22) by scanning for the station on your HDTV or SDTV or HD receiver box. You may only need rabbit ears if you are close to the station, which is on upper Peach Street. Or an outdoor antenna could work if you are on a hill with a somewhat clear view towards Erie. Let me know how you pull in the station or is you are watching on digital cable.