Courtesy Steve Tighe, KDKA Radio

KDKA Radio Promotions Director Steve Tighe sent us this gem tonight. It’s a post card dated 1920. Due to re-sizing, the lettering may be hard to read. The top right corner says “KDKA – Pioneer Broadcasting Station of the World. Left – Exterior of Station Showing Antennae System. The bottom left corner says, “Right – Interior of Transmitting Station.” Along the bottom it says “Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, East Pittsburgh PA, U.S.A.”

Secondly, we received a query today asking about a WZUM alum.

“Eric, Just a quick note to thank you for the fine site/page. It is a treasure trove of info about Pittsburgh TV and Radio. AWESOME!! I have a question for you: Whatever happened to Buzzy Beck (“1590 on your AM dial…..WZUM…In Carnegie”)? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks & Keep Up the GREAT Work!!! Mark Cromer. 

Does anyone have an answer for Mark? If so, please leave a comment to this listing or send us an email!