mailboxWhat happened to Saturday talk show host, Dimitri Vassilaros. He left with no explanations, there are some others there, that leave me cold. One Called Eddie Crow. WHERE IS DIMITRI?

Eric’s response: I posted a week or so ago that KDKA hired a few hosts specifically for that time slot. One is John McIntire who most notably worked as the host of NightTalk on PCNC several years back. Ellen Gamble, who for years did traffic reports in the area. And Eddy Crow who has been on WDVE and WEAE most recently. They are filling the spot, as I understand it, on a rotating basis. It looks like Dimitri, meanwhile, is working on a project of his own which he has yet to announce via his Facebook page. I don’t want to hazard to guess what that is, and I’m not 100% sure that he’s officially departed KDKA.

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  1. Dimitri is on twitter…lol.


    I was surprised to see him respond to a tweet I sent Randy Bauman and he’s very active on there.

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