mailbox“Bethany” writes: “Eric, What’s going on with the Friday & Saturday night programming at KDKA radio? This Ground Zero program has got to go! I realize nobody can replace Dr. Knowledge, but recordings of space aliens & sound bites from zombie invasion movies are too bizarre for me.”

Eric’s response: Since we seemed to be unaware of the programming which was to fill the void of Dr. Knowledge until it happened, It would seem to me that KDKA has done a “try it and see” approach with this programming. It looks to me like the show is an attempt at competing with “Coast to Coast” with George Noory which airs on WPGB (104.7) seven nights a week. If the website for Ground Zero is up-to-date, then it looks like KDKA is actually running reruns from throughout the previous week rather than live programs. It appears that all other affiliates only air the program during the week. 

2 thoughts on “From the mailbag…

  1. I agree with Bethany. Friday/Saturday—the topic was something about a Spanish outer space communication and then Saturday/Sunday–something about Hitler’s Mein Kapf (spelling). Neither topic is of interest to me. They might as well sign-off and do transmitter main’t if that’s what they’re broadcasting.
    You wonder if the GM or even the Program Director LISTENED to any of the tapes before making a choice of this dreck.
    We need something light and LOCAL for this time period. I’m sure there are plenty of former KDKA employees (and former employees of other stations–NOT JIM QUINN!) who would be thrilled to have 3-4 hours 2 nights a week for employment!!!!

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