quinnroseOne of PBRTV’s most-viewed stories is “Where are Quinn and Rose?” (Dated: November 18, 2013) The conservative talk duo were let go from then-Clear Channel’s then-talker WPGB (104.7) and other affiliates that day with very little warning. The cancellation of the show was the result of failed contract negotiations. Since that time, fans of the show have been waiting for word that the duo would return to the air – even if it was just on the Internet. Many thought that when WJAS (1320) was sold last summer and switched to conservative talk that Quinn and Rose would return there. The two parties – the other being WJAS owner Frank Iorio’s Pittsburgh Radio Partners – failed to come to an agreement over the possibilities of a web stream.

Meanwhile, various gossip sites as well as a Facebook page called “Fans of Quinn and Rose” have been rumbling that Jim Quinn and Rose Tennant are about to make a return. This Twitter tweet says that Quinn has been building a home studio and is about ready to begin a podcast on his website as well as feeding former affiliates. Meanwhile, Quinn’s warroom.com website has a banner that merely says “April 1st!!!” which could name the start date of the program.

10 thoughts on “Gossip: Quinn and Rose to return April 1

    1. I highly doubt it would be a joke. He knows that he would greatly disappoint a group of loyal fans and supporters if he did that.

    1. Yeah, Dave…sure….when he wasn’t standing up to the likes of your liberal big government buddies, right???

  1. I hope it’s no joke. They were my morning fix on the way to work. Now I’m sorta retired, I’ll find out how to listen in.

  2. I knew Quinn & Rose back in the “Think Tank” days in the mid 90’s. They have been nothing but a consistent class act staying true to their conservative principles. Hopeful for their return on the internet. I will listen from sunny California! Miss you guys! 🙂

  3. Even at 72 he’s the sharpest tack on talk radio. No one disassembles a story to get to the truth like Q&R.

  4. Quinn and Rose are going to be on WYSL in Rochester, NY, starting April 1.

    From Free Republic:
    “Quinn tweeted as follows:
    ‘3 one hour tests of new studio on WYSL in Rochester NY. 6-7 tomorrow. 7-8 Wednesday & 8-9 am Thursday. 1040 am 92.1 fm #Quinn’”

    So tomorrow morning, March 18, he is on the air from 7-8 AM. It even shows up on WYSL’s programming page.

    Listen with your favorite streaming app.

  5. Supposedly Rose has told close associates that she is “pursuing something else”, and will not be a regular part of the show. Quinn flying solo? That takes me all the way back to the New Sound of 13Q!

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