It’s been known for some weeks at KQV-AM (1410) that news director Frank Gottlieb was retiring. Friday, March 30 it all comes true. Gottlieb has been in the radio business for 46 years having started at WAMO-FM where he played the hits overnight. Then he went to the 16th PID in Vietnam and then KDKA-TV, WTAE-TV, WLWC/WCMH-TV (Columbus, Ohio), The Qube interactive cable system and KQV. “After working weekends, overnights, days, and elections since before the Nixon era it’s time to step aside and allow the young folks to take over,” he said in a Facebook message to friends.

Gottlieb will be far from bored though. He plans to get proper exercise, keep his yard weed free, and digitize photos and audio tapes from his decades-long career. 

Will he miss this business? “Yes, when there’s a big story.”