In the early-1980s, if you were a new hire at a Group W (Westinghouse Broadcasting) station or division, you probably watched a video like this one. Here are 10 minutes worth of excerpts… according to the description of this YouTube post. Jack Bogut and John Cigna are seen representing KDKA in the radio portion of the video. You’ll see mention of the Television Syndication Center based here in Pittsburgh. And we might as well mention Evening Magazine which Group W syndicated to non-Group W stations as PM Magazine. I’ll bet several people napped when this was shown back then, but I think you’ll find it nostalgic!

2 thoughts on “Group W Orientation Video

  1. As a former employee of TVSC, I remember this video. Thanks for sharing it on your website. TVSC distributed syndicated TV shows via a large massive dubbing operation running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, the Home Theater Network and the Muzak operations were part of the TVSC operation. Satellite distribution of the programs ended the dubbing operation except for stations who missed a satellite feel. In the late 1990s Group W bought the CBS television network and the operation became known as Eyemark Videoservices with Eyemark being a reference to the well known CBS eye logo. In the early days it was a great place to work, but as management changed over the years it became an organization with a lot of unhappy employees feeling unappreciated and underpaid. With the digital revolution looming on the horizon, CBS did not want to have to outfit the operation in Pittsburgh with the new digital equipment, so the plug was pulled on Eyemark Videoservices. Employees were told of this in April 2001 and Dec. 31, 2001 marked the final day of operation Eyemark Videoservices.

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