The estate of the late radio, TV and movie producer Karl Hardman will be auctioned this Saturday in Moon Township.

Hardman, who died last year at 80, was a collaborator with the late Bob Trow and others on Rege Cordic’s beloved KDKA (1020) morning show.

In 1962, Hardman formed his own advertising agency, which produced commercials and so-called “industrial films” for companies like PPG, U.S. Steel and Alcoa from its studios on the South Side.

Hardman and his partner, Marilyn Eastman, closed the agency in 1999.

The auction is a treasure trove of 20th century Pittsburgh broadcasting and advertising history.

According to a listing on the Johnson Auction Service’s website, the items to be auctioned include “hundreds of boxes” of tapes and electrical transcriptions from the Cordic show and other productions, recordings of old TV and radio commercials, and promotional photos and films from defunct local corporations such as J&L Steel and Mobay Chemical.

Hardman and Eastman also collaborated with George Romero on production of the original “Night of the Living Dead” in 1968.

Memorabilia and documents relating to that film are being sold as well.

In addition, many items of vintage hi-fi, studio and film gear are being auctioned, along with Hardman’s 1937 Packard and three Jaguar sports cars.

The auction, at the Flaugherty House banquet hall, begins at 10 a.m.