From the “Why Didn’t I Think of This? Dep’t.”: When the Regional Industrial Development Corp. last year demolished two former Westinghouse Electric factory buildings in East Pittsburgh, I went down to take a look.

Local videographer and radio historian Art Vuolo did more than that. He bought a pile of bricks from one of the buildings … specifically, the building where KDKA’s first transmitter and studio were located, way back in 1920.

Now you can buy one of the bricks, complete with certificate of authenticity signed by current KDKA afternoon host Fred Honsberger; Wendy King, one half (with her late husband Ed) of the station’s legendary “Party Line” show; and former KDKA engineer Mel Check.

The bricks are shipped by priority mail (pity Art’s poor mailman) and cost only … $34.90.

Thirty-five bucks for bricks?!

Oh, yeah? Well, I have … um … scoops of dirt for sale from Frank Conrad‘s tomato patch … and … um … wheel bearings from KQV’s Amphicar … and … um … webbed feet from Jim Quinn’s duck! Meet me in the alley in five minutes.

(PBRTV propeller-beanie tip to several readers)