Several times I have tuned into WGRP “Classic Country 940” from Greenville and often find the “sounds of silence” on that station. Obviously, the station is getting most of it’s programming from satellite, other than a local host by the name of “Johnny Rogers” who works there middays taking requests. There have been maybe 7 or 8 times when I found the station with dead air, including today (September 2nd). The station and a few others including Christian rock/rap hybrid WEXC 107.1 “Freq 107” (Also in Greenville) is owned by Harold Glunt’s “Beacon Broadcasting.” Usually, a station has an alarm for such quiet periods which alerts someone that there is no programming on a station. It’s like the AM station is neglected while Beacon puts more of their resources into the “Freq”, which has yet to show up in the Youngstown ratings despite efforts to be a Youngstown station. If work is being done to the station, at least let the public know in the local paper and on your website. Clearly, a lot of people do not listen to AM for music anymore but there is still an audience out there that would like a country station that differs from what most of the FM country stations play. Or another option would be to replace the Freq with classic country on FM. The Youngstown market might notice 107.1 in the next book.