UPDATE (Feb. 13, 2008): “I am out of radio,” Doug Hoerth told PBRTV correspondent Jason Togyer today in a brief (very brief!) phone call. “Once I figure out what to do next, I will give you a holler.”

That’s apparently a response to rumors floated on the Internet — reported at PBRTV and elsewhere — that Hoerth had talked to XM Satellite Radio.

. . .

P.S.: Doug brought up a good point. He wasn’t sure how to get in touch with us, especially since commenting on this entry was closed.

PBRTV editor Eric O’Brien can be reached at pbrtv@aol.com. Correspondent Tom Lavery can be reached at laveryman@hotmail.com, while Jason Togyer can be reached at jtogyer@gmail.com.

We will immediately correct any known errors of fact.

(By the way: Generally speaking, the name of any PBRTV author is included at the end of each story, and it’s usually an email link that can be clicked.)