The Post-Gazette reports that David J. Kelly has died at the age of 89. Kelly came to Pittsburgh in 1957 as a feature writer for The Pittsburgh Press with a focus on military affairs. He joined KDKA-TV (2) in 1961 as awriter for the morning program and later became news director at KDKA Radio. In 1964 he moved over to WIIC (11; now WPXI) to be the station commentator. Prior to his first stop in Pittsburgh he had served as a Pacific signalman inthe Navy during WWII. He wrote for the Associated Press in college at the University of Maryland as well as The Baltimore Sun and Washington Post. After leaving Pittsburgh the first time he went to Detroit and back to DC. But Channel 11 lured him back to Pittsburgh in 1975 where he focused on people-oriented stories, commentary, and the “Golden Shaft” Award given to those who weren’t up to par. He also worked on “The Actionline” program in the 1980s.

Kelly worked at WIIC/WPXI until his retirement in 1987. That was the year that State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer’s suicide was shown on live TV, and Mr. Kelly took exception to the coverage. Eventually he moved to Florida where he will be buried in the National Cemetery in Bushnell.