From the WQED Pittsburgh Facebook Page: Long-time WQED-FM (89.3) voice Jim Sweenie has passed away. A McKeesport native, Sweenie started hanging around WMCK-AM (1360) when he was a junior in high school. The station would pay him $10.00 a week to file away records and read a nightly sign-off.  After spending time in an acting career in other cities, Sweenie returned to Pittsburgh to obtain a degree at Duquesne Univeristy where he would go on to be an English Professor. He started working at WQED-TV (13) where he would spend over 40 years as a booth announcer, writer, director and producer for programs local and national. Eventually he would work for WQED-FM (89.3) where he hosted Deserted Island Disks, Listener’s Choice and Saturday Night Requests. He was 77.