4018Although not directly involved in broadcasting, B. E. Taylor’s music was heard across the spectrum of radio and TV in Pittsburgh. The Aliquippa native died Sunday of an inoperable brain tumor that was diagnosed in 2007. He was 65. Taylor’s Christmas shows were crowd-pleasers year after year.

His group, The B. E. Taylor Group was Pittsburgh’s top rock band in the 1980s. In 1994, Taylor founded his record label, Chrishae Records.


2 thoughts on “In Memory: B. E. Taylor

  1. I remember seeing B.E. Taylor and his group back in the early 1980s. It was when their big hit was \”Vitamin L,\” from the \”Love Won The Fight\” album. They put on a fantastic show. B. E. Taylor was a fantastic musician and will be missed.

  2. I remember Vitamin L, that\’s right! I\’d forgotten who did that song.

    I did a mix with that on my basement radio station in high school. Huey Lewis had a hit with I Want A New Drug at the same time, and I took the part of BE\’s song where they shout Vitamin L, and stuck it in right after Huey sang I Want A New Drug, so it said, I want a new drug, (vitamin L!), one that does what it should… One guy at school thought that was awesome.. 🙂

    All it was, just unpausing the cassette deck at the right time to throw the phrase on, then rewinding a little to wait for the next time.


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