One of the pioneers of top-40 radio has died. Bob Wilson, who spent many years in Pittsburgh radio, passed away from Cancer on Saturday, April 25. Wilson came to Pittsburgh and KQV from Omaha, Nebraska where he worked at KOIL. After many years at KQV, he went over to WKTQ (“13Q”) as Creative Services Director. He also worked in two Texas cities – Austin and Dallas. One might recall his voice in ads for Gimbel’s, Arby’s and more. Wilson had 8 children, 13 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.

(h/t: Jeff Roteman)

1 thought on “In Memory: Bob Wilson

  1. I first heard the voice of Bob Wilson in the mid 70’s. He voiced the station ID’s for WNCC 950 AM,Barnesboro,when it was under Bland Group Inc.’s ownership. Over the sound of a tymapni ,his voice boomed ,”SERVING COAL COUNTRY <WNCC <BARNESBORO" !

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