porkyPBRTV has confirmed reports that legendary announcer Porky Chedwick has passed away at age 96. Mr. Chedwick is remembered fondly among the Oldies Community and his many years of work at stations throughout the area. He started many years ago at Homestead’s WHOD which later became WAMO. Word is that Chedwick passed shortly before 10:00 this morning. More as we hear it.

4 thoughts on “In Memory: Porky Chedwick

  1. RIP Porky! You will always be the Daddio of the Radio! No one could replace you. I will remember you coming to some of my husbands, DJ Ray car crusies at Caste Village! Pittsburgh will always be your home!!!!

  2. I am a “transplanted” Pittsburgher living in Southern California. Some of my best memories of High School in the early 60’s was coming home and listening to Porky play the “oldies but goodies” and “doo wop” songs that we could not get on other stations.
    He was truly one of a kind and brought a lot of happiness to a lot of young people.

  3. Not just Daddio of the Radio, but Platter-Pushin’ Papa! I’ll always be grateful to Porky for introducing me to Jimmy Reed (run, hide, hide, run), Buster Brown (whooo), Bo Diddley, and other “R&B” artists who were inspiration for — and possibly the source of — rock and roll. Along with WEEP, I listened to Porky right at the beginning of rock and roll.

  4. I will always remember you.(PORK THE TORK)hanging out at WAMO and listening to you play oldies but goodies.RIP my friend

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