Jul 04 2014

In memory: Richard M. Scaife


Richard M. Scaife (1997 Photo)

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that owner Richard Mellon Scaife has died. He passed away early this morning, one day after his 82nd birthday. A noted conservative and philanthropist, Scaife owned a chain of newspapers starting with the Greensburg Tribune-Review in 1970. In 1992, he began the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review during after Scripps-Howard rejected his bid to purchase the Pittsburgh Press. (The Press went on strike shortly after and The Post-Gazette later bought it and shut it down.) Later, Scaife purchased several neighborhood newspapers including The McKeesport Daily News and Valley News Dispatch.

Scaife was a partner in Newsmax – a Florida-based website and magazine that recently launched a cable channel – and was part owner of KQV-AM (1410). He sold his share of KQV to the children of his former partner Robert Dickey, Sr in 2013. Dickey passed away in 2011.


  1. Eric

    Can you at least respect the dead & quit lieing about him, he was NOT a “Noted Conservative” he was Libertarian ! did you know he was pro-Choice ? does That sound like a “Noted Conservative” ?

    1. Eric

      I can respect the dead… which I did. But I refuse to be called a liar since his own paper called him a “Conservative Champion”. I’ll let it rest at that.

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