Richard M. Scaife (1997 Photo)

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that owner Richard Mellon Scaife has died. He passed away early this morning, one day after his 82nd birthday. A noted conservative and philanthropist, Scaife owned a chain of newspapers starting with the Greensburg Tribune-Review in 1970. In 1992, he began the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review during after Scripps-Howard rejected his bid to purchase the Pittsburgh Press. (The Press went on strike shortly after and The Post-Gazette later bought it and shut it down.) Later, Scaife purchased several neighborhood newspapers including The McKeesport Daily News and Valley News Dispatch.

Scaife was a partner in Newsmax – a Florida-based website and magazine that recently launched a cable channel – and was part owner of KQV-AM (1410). He sold his share of KQV to the children of his former partner Robert Dickey, Sr in 2013. Dickey passed away in 2011.

2 thoughts on “In memory: Richard M. Scaife

  1. Can you at least respect the dead & quit lieing about him, he was NOT a “Noted Conservative” he was Libertarian ! did you know he was pro-Choice ? does That sound like a “Noted Conservative” ?

    1. I can respect the dead… which I did. But I refuse to be called a liar since his own paper called him a “Conservative Champion”. I’ll let it rest at that.

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