Ron Morris, creator of The American Entrepreneur passed away on June 7 after a long, hard-fought battle with cancer. In a press release issued by The American Entrepreneur, Morris was said to have an indomitable spirit and an infectious love of life. Two memorial programs were held during that week one being the afternoon of June 8 and the other on the Saturday program on June 10. The Saturday program was said to be Morris’ favorite as it was the show that started it all. The weekday memorial program featured open phone lines for callers to share their memories while the Saturday tribute featured some favorites out of the over 1800 entrepreneurs Morris interviewed in 12 years.

Morris leaves behind a wife and two children.

The American Entrepreneur can be heard Monday-Saturday on WMNY-AM (1360) and on Sundays on WPGB-FM (104.7).

Disclaimer: This story was published late due to a website remodel happening during the time of the story.

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  1. I love the program. I knew he was sick, but I had no idea how sick. I just listened to him a couple weeks ago on 104.7. What a shock!

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